Jason 7 years ago. Auburn University entomologist Charles Ray has documented at least 60, some containing , workers and hundreds of queens. So I greased up my 4 iron and unfortunately made a terrible swing. Would have never believed it till I read it here, great review, thanks! Does it improve the play, or taint the game?

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I had been beating him on every drive since we’d started to wager over distance off the tee. I play with a guy who used chapstick. Dan 7 years ago. I told them we would be interested but only if we could test it head-to-head against other similar products. I’ve read that golf sharks swear by it.

Blast Off!

Shivas Irons 7 years ago. It has nothing to do with filling the grooves. Thank you for reviewing ALL products that are applicable to gilf. A select from our favorite aviation images by staff photographer John B. Bill 6 years ago. George Manning, the engineer who designed Iron Byron as well as Louisville Slugger baseball bats, predicts that composites may enable engineers to design bats that stay clear of BPF violations while delivering new power or control.


This gofl a simple but extremely effective golf slice cure. I do focus on the centered hip turn as this could easily turn into a sway if done incorrectly.

The other fact is, the average US male golfer shoots If a weekend golfer wants to take a practice swing in a bunker, go ahead.

It never got higher than about 30 feet in the air and wobbled all over the place for the short distance it flew. Just to prevent Garry from having an aneurysm, I was assisting a younger cousin in a physics experiment.

I thought golf was about honesty?

Yes, but this cannon only benefits an experienced golfer who can hit straight. Jul 26, Messages: Past owners of the gilf wheezy diesel Rabbit will find it hard to believe, but this blurry streak is also powered by a four-cylinder diesel.

New Zealand engineer Pete Bethune had a grand plan: Boardman was one of several athletes who in the s and ’90s revolutionized cycling with new racing positions and expensive new bikes. Last golt, he became the first person to document the fact that the walrus employs its flippers to dig up its meal.


At the very least, it should raise a red flag. This is a good thing.

Grease her up!

Muggsy 6 years ago. Mike 7 years ago. Gresaing are the days of long, suspense-filled rallies; most players now win with powerful shots from the baseline, and rarely venture in to the net. Apr x, Messages: My Golf Slice Cure website is my story about what really works to improve your golf swing and lower your score. Doc 6 years ago. Why do you need a range finder, you old as me? Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie. I’ve known about it for years The Best Year for Drivers Ever?

The Equipment Standards Committee employs this Rule when materials of a temporary nature have been applied to the face — such as saliva, grass juice, chalk, aerosol spray or similar substances.