Note FPS may be limited by your screen’s refresh rate, so keep this in mind if glxgears reports only about FPS. It’s also worth noting that the latest kernel version doesn’t actually work with my GPU only God knows why , so it tries Intel anyway. When upgrading to xorg-server 1. Driver for Modesetting Kernel Drivers: Not sure if this matches your situation, but my motherboard doesn’t allow for the integrated graphics to be used if a graphics card is plugged into it. Ignore it unless you’re having problems.

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New configuration files created in this directory may be named any alpha-numeric file name, as long as the file suffix ends in. The place to find relevant information on the wonder that is Gentooand among other things:. The DRM Direct Rendering Manager is an enhancement to Xorg that adds 3D acceleration for cards by adding the kernel module necessary for direct rendering.

Xorg/Guide – Gentoo Wiki

More information about installing and configuring various graphical desktop environments and applications can be found in the section of our documentation. You can always do a work around via a keyboard remapping. Notiz If changes have been made to the kernel, do not forget to restart the system before using startx in order to be using the newly built kernel.


U – final xoorg setting for installation] [: Give each monitor a unique identifier, then list its physical position, such as “RightOf” or “Above” another monitor. They will be loaded automatically.


Each file is given a unique name and ends in. Do your key bindings map to actions viewable in xev? Maybe it’d be better to rename this to xfvideo-intel or like that? Do not be alarmed if you find this option missing in new kernels.

Xrog all the options available and choose those which apply to the system. First of all, you have the Screen section which lists the resolutions that your X server will run at. Just wanted to mark this as solved and reply with success. They will not be needed to setup a proper desktop environment. The examples are heavily commented, but if more documentation regarding the syntax is needed, man xorg.

Wenn die Installation abgeschlossen ist, brauchen einige Umgebungsvariablen eine Reinitialisierung bevor es weiter geht. If possible it is desirable to run Xorg without any special configuration. Run startx and be happy about the result.

xdrivers/xfvideo-intel – Gentoo Packages

Additional packages include a large assortment of fonts in many languages. Other examples can be found in the section Other resources at the end of this guide. Xorg bietet eine Schnittstelle zwischen Ihrer Hardware und der grafischen Software, die sie benutzen wollen.


Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Der “terminate” Befehl terminate: Submit a new link. First of all, you have the Gentoo section which lists the resolutions that your X server will run at.

Want to add to the discussion? Ivy Bridge — the hardware gentpo supports OpenCL, but there isn’t any software support for it in Linux at this time. Otherwise errors such as the following might be visible in dmesg:. Before you can install Xorg, you need to prepare gntoo system for it. Xorg is the X Window server which allows users to have a graphical environment at their fingertips.

If the kernel was updated to a newer version in the process this will most likely require the bootloader’s configuration files to be updated as well. Projects related to Gentoo Linux: Retrieved from ” https: