It seems to be a new install. Here’s a pic from when I replaced the fans and CPU in mine as viewed from the back. Bidding has ended on this item. Initialized Security Association Processing. I’m not giving up on the watchguard hardware yet, but I don’t have the time to keep looking for a solution right now. Right I’ll have to source one then unless any of you guys are in the uk with one to chuck my way That will answer why i’m not getting any repsonse over the serial connection as well.

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It will handle 60mbit over vpn. And the options on the screens page work as well. Reply Quote 0 1 Reply Last reply. Sun Feb 24 How can I do this from within pfsense, without reinstalling the entire device? Lcx used to receive the watchdog timeout errors when it was connected to any netgear hub or switch tried 4 different ones. Like in the other Watchguard threads on this forum, this seems to be related to the “kernel: Might be able to find things useful for a lab.


The LCDproc module has a section where you can pick what “screens” of info you want it to display, how long it should spend on each screen, etc.

They have a whole section on how to develop drivers and integrate the with figebox autoconfig and autobuild scripts. Maybe you can look at yours and see if yours seem to be bulging.

We love detailed homelab builds, especially network diagrams! I didn’t remove the lccd 3 for contrast as I was sure that would be ignored by the OLED, but I didn’t know for sure how fireox handle getting power on the LCD backlight power pins. It is connected to a cisco catalyst on one of firbox FastEthernet Mbit ports. Log in or sign up in seconds. Ok, some more debugging info from the aforementioned firebox 1, but this one is a tricky one, I have absolutely no logical explanation for it: It still boots and works fine on the old Dell cpu but it’s only mhz.

I recently installed a full version of this and would also like to know if this was ever figured out.


Yesterday I was doing some tests on when the watchdog errors occur, from my laptop at the remote location. Jul 18, I am also new and interested in getting the LCD to work on my Firebox. Turned out really nice.


We can surely make this a package.

Successful Install on Watchguard Firebox X! | Netgate Forum

Was there any ever progress with controlling the lcd with the buttons on the firebox and a charmap that was discussed in this thread? It’ll list out all the gotchas or things you might want to tweak. Here are the hardware specs if anyone is interested: Read more about girebox condition. Don’t be an asshole. When I try on an embedded, I get: Really I guess you can’t go wrong with getting as fast of a CPU as you can that will work.

No memes or potato images.

Boots up into pfSense just fine! Firehox 27, Loading More Posts Posts. Hello all, I solved all my compile problems! They seem to be popular boxes.