Receive brochures and samples, and get more info from us or your local distributor. We’ve put together a page guide that discusses the basics of starting your own engraving and cutting business. Automatically sets the correct table height for focusing the lens to achieve the highest detail engraving. Rotary Attachments for Cylindrical Items The Rotary Attachment allows you to engrave wine bottles, mugs, glasses, flashlights and more. Many users do not purchase new computers for use with their new laser because their current computers are perfectly adequate. The Helix is our most popular laser with 24″ x 18″ work area and handy stand.

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Epilog Laser Manuals

Processor speeds are always improving, but processor speeds of about 2. The Vector Cutting Grid on the Epilog Zing laser is used to lift materials being cut above the work surface. Vector color mapping links speed, power and focus to any RGB color. What is the wavelength of the Legend Series? Visible Red Dot Pointer. Epilog Laser Firmware and Driver Downloads. Please contact our Applications Lab to discuss your metal-cutting applications and see if they can work with our systems!

Wpilog is a Class 2 laser – 1mW CW Maximum nm, which means that the laser is secured with interlock devices so it will not run with the doors of the system open.


Epilog Laser Product Line Specifications.

Epilog Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine Systems – Etching, Cutting and Marking Systems

What is the maximum diameter that will fit on the Rotary Attachments of the Fusion Series? The Zing 16 and 24 make great desktop lasers with a 16″ x 12″ or 24″ x 12″ work area. Zip or Postal Code. Attach to a compressor to direct a constant stream of air across the cutting surface.

Popular Laser Applications for our laser systems. Fiber Lasers Learn More. RAM is kind of like short-term memory.

For information on what materials you can engrave and cut, visit our Materials page. Read more about our Fusion Mac Driver here.

To cut, you will need a vector based graphic, such as an. Perfect for everything from home use to starting a business, the Epilog Zing Laser features high-quality engraving, at the low cost for which you’re looking.

Allows you to work from any point on the engraving table, not just the upper left corner. Up your production capabilities with a Legend laser series system. Laser Cutting – nothing compares to the quality of a laser cut on many materials. Our fiber laser systems are capable of permanently marking nearly all types of bare metal.


Epilog Fusion Series Technical Specifications. No, one laser does it all!

Laser Machine Manuals: Laser Engraving System Downloads

Our fiber laser systems may be compatible for cutting some thin metals as we have seen success cutting thin foils, up to. Many users do not purchase new computers for use with their new laser because their current computers are perfectly adequate. The latest drivers and firmware are listed below, and can be downloaded lawer your convenience.

Do I need separate laser systems for engraving and cutting? What will you create? Luckily, most computer manufacturers put at least 20 GB drives in new computers these days. An oversized door on the top of the laser provides a larger viewing area for greater work flow. Quarterly Customer Newsletter and Laswr E-News We produce two newsletters filled with customer stories, sample projects and industry news.

An Epilog laser gives you the power to take a vector based image and transfer it onto metal and other materials through a quick and easy engraving process.