Typical Transitions captured USB 2. The Waveform Example now has the following features similar to Waveform views: Without using the mouse, it was also possible to change the Signal’s name as soon as the editor opened and then press the Enter Key to dismiss the editor. If invalid file name characters were used as the signal name, an error could occur which prevents changing the name during exporting. The Project Selections window can be activated from a button on the main application tool bar to open a recent project, open other existing projects, open an example project or to create a new project. Auto-run sequences can be halted by a command from a plug-in or match criteria in an auto-search. New Multiple Monitor Support.

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DigiView™ DV Logic Analyzer

Speed increase will vary depending on the data being processed and the system configuration. While Digiview has always provided advanced Hardware-based trigger capabilities, configuring a simple trigger required using the advanced trigger configuration method.

The slight color and usage modifications will increase each theme’s usability. Correction – Illegal string table indexes caused exceptions 3. If the trigger event has not occurred when switching to Fallback mode, the analyzer will continue to capture and use its large internal memory as a ring buffer until the event is detected. Halt Do Not Retrieve Data.


Digiview Security Limited

A better method of creating a digo file with the same configurations as another file is to open the desired file and use the “Save As” function to save the file with a new name. This method is more user friendly than the strong “magnetic” placement used by other applications and is especially useful when near multiple windows. This version corrects this error.

This change will affect the saved selection value when opening an older project. Correction – Decode of last transition in captured data Prior revisions of version virw ignored the last transition of a signal in the captured data. Abstraction allows you to view the data and reference values in terms of BUS values, rather than specific channel levels.

This toggle is unique to each waveform view. Model DV – Changed the hardware behavior when the prefill option is changed.

The menu icon for signals in WaveForm views now has a simple “gear” icon to be similiar to other option menus and provide a less cluttered appearence.

The measurement is always displayed for the ending Signal. Search functions will be disabled and a message displayed when the Search includes a Signal that has invalid data. The condition for the error to occur was obscure and should have rarely presented to any user.


When Split, two dots appear above the marker number. Conditional Installation for 32bit and 64bit Drivers. See questions and answers. Typical Transitions captured USB 3. Corrected Capture History error.

DigiView™ DV3100 Logic Analyzer

Window contents scaled incorrectly in Win 7 with “Large Fonts” enabled. Waveform Views a. A total of 4 individual plots can be configured for each signal. Saving was completed before the freeze, so no project data was lost. It is used extensively in modern vehicles.

Digi-View 4i Day & Night Camera CCTV Kit: : DIY & Tools

Capture History Delete functions: Font selection and size can be customized or reset to DigiView defaults. Instant Measurements Instantly measure time between edges, field duration, cycle frequency and more by mouse movement.

New Multiple Monitor Support. Correction – Capture Status window When using a project with a DV3xxx series analyzer, the new Capture Status window did not update the newer statistics while capturing.

Active Marker Measurement Windows a. If invalid file digii characters were used as the signal name, an error could occur which prevents changing the name during exporting.