A-Z by contained letters of alphabet and 13 trsb. Now developments have been indicated by experience and necessity. Not open to public. For index see entries , Fundamental readjustments have been few and far between, alterations have been made piece-meal. Next entry 46, p.

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This work must bo conducted according to standards pre- scribed by the State Depajrtment of Health R ceipts for Papers He also prepares the county budget adopted by the county coriimis si oners and publishes an anrtual report of the financial condition of the county.

Record of suits instituted before aldermen and justices of the peace against boroughs, townships, xex school districts, showing names of parties, date of fil- ing suit, case no. Discharges show court term and no. His office is on the second floor of the courtiiouse.

Voluntary petitions in insolvency, giving name of petitioner, reason for petition, date filed, pc-8812s schedules of assets and ddex, showing court term and no. Releases shovi names of buyer and seller, date agreement filed vri. Sepcratc third paragraph cross references from entry to entry, and “see also” references under subject headincrs, are used to show prior, subsequent.

Subsequently the State Emergency Relief Board and other governmental relief agencies contributed to the advancement of the project.


Tempered Glass Inverness,FL

Luzerne scenery owes much to the carving force of the Ice Age glaciers; its greatest wealth is the underlying anthracite coal, the world’s richest deposit of that fuel.

A certified copy of this list was required to be filed in the office of the corinissionurs, vdiose duty it vms to record the roll in a book Two co-jmissioncrs constitute a quorum for the transaction of business 13The office of clerl; of com: The others were nominated by the voters and appointed by the president and the executive council of the Commonwealth.

No index, Hdw, typed, and hdw. Tax liens filed by solicitor, giving no.

Business – Northern Virginia VA South Edition Page 142 Business Pages

In Luzerne County there are many private agencies which have taken intiative in promoting health and preventing disease. Alien Docket, Declarations,3 vols. Shows court term, case no. The basement storerooms of the commissioners, treasurer, and controller are in a confused condition, vdth sots badly sorted, and records of each office filed “.

The beard was organized in Luzerne County in when the county was erected. Hdw, on ptd, fm. All v;-rits, accounts and pleadings in these proceedings must be filed with him State Inheritance Tax Office Vin. Lists cf Ciecedcnts’ property sold at public sale, showing court term and case no. The court of sessions meeting in New York was a court of appeals in all judicial proceedings, and could disallow by judicial negation the legislative acts of the constables and overseers 1.


The recorder of deeds also occupies on entire section opposite that of the prothonotary, vdth rooms arranged in the same manner. Ke must take an oath of office, whicl; must be filed vdth the clerk of the court of quarter sessions iCand give a bond to the county in such svmi as may be determined by the county corrap-issioners The county prison is under the management of the pri- son commissioners.

Unseated Lands Bought by Commissioners,1 vol. Record of enrollncnt for nilitary service of able-bodied nalo citizens 21 des 45 years of ago, showing nanes, ages, ad: Board of County Commissioners – Veterans His duties became ministerial end he acted as a peace officer end an executive officer of the court as he does today 8.

He must endorse his certificate on treasurer’s deeds for lands sold for non-payment of taxes Those judges dxe the respective courts of common pleas, quarter sessions, orphans’, and oyer and terminer.

XIV s 7 am. Liens See also entries62