The court reporter and all parties in the case are usually provided a copy of the documents during the deposition for review. All background information on defendant from the DPR – medical schools -licensing bureaus – ECFMG and all other governmental and quasi-governmental organizations should be obtained. The extent to which corporate management injected itself into the design process is an important theme. By the end of the deposition, on many points, I had made him my witness. If this precaution is not taken, he may find a pertinent and otherwise fruitful line of questioning has been weakened or destroyed by the coaching of defense counsel in the intervening time.

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All too often the witness instructions almost become like the swearing in of the witness. Are there other witnesses who are yet to be identified? Taking too much care to avoid error, the doctor might seem reluctant to say anything and, as a result, appear unhelpful and uncommunicative.

Take the ddfendant as soon as possible; i. Speaking objections must be dealt with swiftly as must coaching the witness. You will intimidate by your command of the facts and the questioning.

Nail down the defendant at the deposition when he does not have opportunity to think and prepare. Even in fishing you have a plan. Do not hesitate to move to strike if the answer is not responsive. The person to be deposed questioned at a deposition, known as the deponentis usually notified to appear at the appropriate time and place by means of a subpoena.


The defendant’s library is inventoried and a list of all journals, text and medical authoritative sources should be obtained for cross-examination, impeachment and contradiction. Inside, dwposing pages have line numbers along the left margin, so that the parties can precisely cite testimony by page and line in later court documents.

Turn in a Powerful Deposition, Doctor Defendant

Are you looking for closure? It is a violation of professional engineering practices to ignore field-use information in product development. Deposition Ethics and Best Practices”.

From the deposition, you will defendxnt a list of further witnesses to be deposed and documents to be produced. Your adversary may be hoping that you do.

Turn in a Powerful Deposition, Doctor Defendant | Persuasive Litigator

Typically, where a specific question is asked by the plaintiff’s lawyer, a defendant doctor or his medical expert will give either a short answer which is not responsive to the question, or will engage in a long response defejdant, again, does not contain a full answer to the question. There should be subtle intimidation. Holstering Deposiing in the Wild West all seemed to wear their holsters in a different way and prepare for their duels differently.

Do not lose your temper.

Seven Cardinal Sins Experienced Lawyers Make in Deposing the Opposing Party

Some states also refer to a deposition as an examination before trial EBT. Defense attorneys have the carrier-imposed duty of dictating a dep summary. Personal injury attorneys can also assist with industrial disease cases that may include respiratory diseases or a decline in health due to hazardous occupational conditions. Is it your goal to limit the impact of this witness on a particular point. It was not until I second chaired a few trials and started trying my own that I began to understand what a deposition is really to be about and how it should be approached.


Place a clean and marked up copies of each report along with analysis and comments memo.

Deposing the Product Manufacturer’s In-House Engineers

Depositions by Oral Examination”. Be ready to go with the flow if it is in the direction favorable to your cause. The experienced lawyer seemed as bad as I was. You may again want to move into a related area and approach the issue through different questions and obtain depksing that demonstrate his disingenuousness. The severity of injury caused by a hazard may range from minor injury to paralysis or death.

Experts can help in this search by identifying appropriate trade journals, reports, and other literature relating to the defdndant. Now that I dissected into its finite parts your approach to deposition planning and preparation, I must warn you not to be married to your outline.

Do not get greedy. Finally, a concordance is automatically generated by the stenographic system’s software and included in the back of the booklet.