Unforttunatly it’s not, i did a clean install with hrev and the situation remains unchanged. I havn’t found a way to fix this properly, one try was running shutdown on the boot cpu old ACPI recommendation , but that causes a bigger problem. VX graphics chip is capable [http: For what we know, the display interrupt should be fully functional with these devices. KMA doesn’t suffer from the broken interrupt problem. All OpenGL applications runs with software rendering mode please see http:

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There is support for the vt tv encoder present on the CN, but support is not complete for the vt HDTV encoder present on some Commel motherboards.

Via Cn/vn Graphics Driver Windows Xp – hongkongfiles

Also, some KMs suffer from broken display interrupt hardware and the kernel will turn off the display interrupt shortly after it is enabled. As i said in the first comment i’ve never experienced this before, i’ve always used this pc with the defaults i.

Qualcomm Atheros device c: Making these old computers to shutdown properly needs a labor of love from someone. Grapics glad that you understand how complicated this is. Show comments Show property changes. Ok, i don’t mind either way,i have already submitted the output of listdev in comment: So I did a trade off so that shutdown work with most hardware.


DriverZone.com: The place to find device driver updates.

From syslog it seems likely to that something else is hanging the shutdown, looks like it could grphics whatever writes.

In the syslog I found the following: Thanks a lot anyway for answering. To solve this someone would need to have a special shutdown sequence for these old machines, but unfortunatly Yraphics don’t have the hardware nor the time to test and implement such a solution. It is on our todo list to fix this bug.

Intel Corporation device c: Last edited 12 months ago by khallebal previous diff. Please don’t duplicate this issue yet though. This notebook had a very limited BIOS information.

See TracTickets for help on using graphisc. Sorry, but there isn’t a solution that works for all and before it was kind of broken for the normal case newer machines and working in special cases Via, Eee. Intel Corporation device Intel Corporation device e: Basic VX support was introduced in changeset r and r The KM is also quite well supported.


Please, tell me if you prefeer a new ticket, if you found this is not related to the same issue. Basic support for chipset was added in r From syslog it seems likely to that something else hraphics hanging the shutdown, looks like it could be whatever writes KERN: WiFi Link bash: Maybe bbjimmy can test his as well.

What hardware is this on? The maximum image size of the mpeg2 decoder is x, so don’t try to use HDTV with this chip. I havn’t found a way to fix this properly, one try was running shutdown on the boot cpu old Grapnics recommendationbut that causes a bigger problem. This is my HW: I updated to hrev and power down cn70/0vn800 again on my Thinkpad T It’s likely to be a Sisyphus task, given how much time I spent on this already.