With this VI i can read the register with parity even and 1 stop bit, but not as i want with parity non and 2 stop bits. By Chris on 15 September, – 6: Modbus RTU – Problem with 2 stop bits. Follow us on Twitter Youtube. Select the categories for which you would like to see messages displayed I have disconnected all other modules and controllers. Use double quotes around phrases, as follows:

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The Carel controllers have given network parameters: The error code here is 56 in read ADU packet.

Today i have set all parameters again and tried the vi again. Message 1 of What brand and model of USB to converter are you using? To search the site, enter your search terms in the box labeled “search the site” and hit Enter.


Just made it work today. Please share experiences regarding this connection. Just a note, the “0F 03 02 14 37 9F 53″ is the same thing as the ” The errorcode is Message 6 of There is no bad feedback!


Welcome to the Modbus Community, about the world’s leading automation protocol. In the control panel the settings are as mentioned.

PCO10B0BA0 – pCOnet BACnetâ„¢ MS/TP RS serial card – Accessories – Controllers – Products iACS

Basically, there was no response back in time. I am currently trying to extract similar data. Message 10 of By masud on 6 August, – 5: Remember me on this computer. We have an osci here somewhere.

You must rs4855 a Control. The solution is not obvious. You have clicked on the “? Even parity even and 1 stop bit is working.

EVD0000T50 – EVD Evolution TWIN DRIVER for two CAREL valves (RS485/Modbus)

There is a recommendation by Modbus org for how many stop bits are to be used. By LG on 23 September, – Fortune Contestants have been briefed on some questions before the show. The read buffer looks like rx485 This should reinitialize its internal settings. I dont know what i have changed. Hi, Can you tell me how you managed to extract the data you say you have obtained?


Carel PCO Serial Card RS PC0S » Actrol

I do know that one particular modbus library I often use, the number of stop bits is hard coded in the Modbus Init VI. Maybe they say it is, but it is not. I looked up the code and it was for a framing error which makes sense if there is a mismatch between the communication of the serial port and the controller you are talking to. Maybe this has something to do with my problem? S”, just represented differently.

It works as the Plasmionique Comm Tester for all other parameters except for the above ones.