Navigate Review Jump to review page Scene modes are essentially a preset combination of options that tend to work for a given situation, but again, you really have to trust the camera to get it right. Moving between images is fairly fast, with lower-quality and lower-sized images instantly available; larger-size and larger-quality images may take a slight delay to be produced. No comments have been written yet. Do not include any other items with the defective Product. At grams 6.

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Compact digital still camera with built-in flash, 3. Of all the above, I’m surprised to report that activating the movie mode is probably the most useful use of the button I thought for sure it would be exposure control or white balance.

Canon developed the original optical image stabilization system, which uses a series of gyroscopic sensors to detect movement of the user and compensate by moving the lens in the opposite direction. If se870 want to max out the ISO and go to ISOyou have to select it specifically from the ISO menu, and it will only be available in manual and digital macro modes.

Few people keep their manual handy, and there are many menu items. The Good Impressive performance powetshot image quality; optical image stabilization; face detection.

Canon SD IS Digital ELPH (IXUS IS) Concise Review: Digital Photography Review

Vibration sensors detect the angle and speed of movement and send this information to a processor, allowing the camera to compensate. This thing is amazing! Each model has its own niche, and the SD’s specialty is wide angle photography. Perhaps the best selling feature is the large and lovely 3-inch LCD cahon, which makes an excellent playback device.


Canon SD870 IS Digital ELPH (IXUS 860 IS) Concise Review

In practice, I found shooting with the SD to be straightforward and to the point. On automatic, the camera does a good job of capturing respectable images. Number of Recording Pixels. Since the average user for this camera is not going to want to have access to high-level settings or fully manual operation, the available options are fairly simple. The open source Lightroom alternative darktable has released a major update in the form of darktable version canonn. We’ve selected our favorite lenses for Canon DSLRs in several categories to make your decisions easier.

In our lab, this translated to 0. With a range of 4. Of course, if using, or having the option to use an optical viewfinder is important in your photography, then this is caanon a factor you may need to weigh.

Canon Powershot SD870 IS Review

The Canon SD uses a fairly typical menu-driven system for managing the options and settings available in the camera. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. When the camera can see two eyes, face detection works splendidly; however, when the subject turns their face away from the camera, to even just a slight degree, face detection doesn’t lock onto the face. You can also cut the resolution in half x or use “LP” mode a higher compression rating to increase the length of time available for shooting a movie.

Serious amature wildlife photography Problems Encountered: As a shooting-priority camera, you can always take a photo by just pressing the shutter-release button although the lack of a optical viewfinder may make quick framing difficult. Previous Equivalent Item Owned: Canon patent details schematics for a possible RF 90mm F2.


It offers a larger screen than its predecessor but it loses the optical viewfinder to keep the overall body size virtually unchanged.

The optical image stabilization of the camera helps to allow one-handed operation, but for menu navigation main control adjustment, you need to use both hands, as the majority of the controls sit under the right thumb. When it doesn’t lock on, however, you’re stuck with regular focusing, which can produce a result different from what you intend. This way you can look at your portrait shots up close and large!

While Continuous mode allows you to constantly check the blurriness on the real-time LCD screen, Shoot Only engages the IS function only when the picture is taken. Standard mode will let you take movies up to 4GB as long as you have a memory card powefshot large.

PowerShot SD IS Silver

However, Canon has implemented a useful system where if you select an image size smaller than Large ie. It also gains a higher resolution sensor but loses out in powegshot of continuous shooting speed, with the frame rate dropping from 1. While I by a small margin prefer the look and feel of my silver SD, the SD scores higher on functionality.